Young Creators

19/07 | 20:30 | double-bill


Blue Sands, a duo consisting of bass guitarist Reindert Kragt and singer Esther van Hoes, proves that voice and bass can form an exciting and intimate combination. Their sound can best be described as cinematic, dreamy, and quirky, inspired by diverse sources such as Disney movie songs, 90s grunge, jazz standards and classical composers.

Their project, known as Blue Sands the Band, stems from a strong desire to play as a large ensemble. But crucial to the formation of this band was to maintain the essence of bass and vocals at the core so that it would not become a standard pop/jazz band. Blue Sands the Band will grace our roof with a good balance of young talents and more experienced, creative top musicians.


  • Reindert Kragt (NL) – bass
  • Esther van Hoes (NL) – vocals
  • Jochem Braat (NL) – keys
  • Marta Arpini (IT) – vocals and guitarĀ 
  • Mete Erker (NL) – saxofoon


This concert is a double-bill with Twitching Eye Trio.