Family Concerts

08/09 | 15:00


Cacha Mundinho breathes new life into forgotten musical routes, drawing inspiration from the Iberian atmosphere and Portuguese troubadour tradition. Their music traverses North Africa, the Middle East, and from India to Brazil. Their debut album, “Vento do Mar”, released on October 20th, 2023 by Mundus Productions and distributed by AudioMaze, is filled with original compositions. This album introduces listeners to the band’s personality, the beautiful and warm voice of Joana Almeida, and the musical heavyweights she has assembled. 

The name “Cacha” originates from Cape Verdean Creole, derived from the word “catch”, while “Mundinho” translates to “small world”. And indeed, this what a Cacha Mundinho’s concert does: it catches a small world and shares it with the audience. This year at On The Roof, Cacha Mundinho invites parents, grandparents, children, and listeners of all ages on a small world trip!


  • Joana Almeida (PT) – guitar & vocals
  • Maripepa Contreras (SP) – oboe & duduk
  • Pedro Ivo Ferreira (BR) – double bass
  • Sjahin During (NL/TK) – percussion
'Flor de Cereja' on Soundcloud