Photo: Richard Terborg

29/08 | 20:30


Curaçao-born percussionist Vernon Chatlein has spent years studying the musical culture and instruments of his beloved island. His exploration of the archival collection Zikinzá is curated by Missionary Priest Paul Brenneker and literary artist and anthropologist from Curaçao “Ompi” Elis Juliana. This collection recorded anecdotes and songs from Afro-Curaçaoan culture in the 1950s. It serves as the foundation for the musical compositions of his project, Chatlein i su zumbi.

Vernon Chatlein and his band blend his contemporary compositions with sound fragments from the past, aiming to pay homage to “our ancestors, our language, and all its magic,” as he explains in his own words. Expect a mix of traditional percussion and rhythms from Curaçao with elements of jazz, improvisation and samples from the archives.


  • Vernon Chatlein (NL) – percussion
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