13/09 | 20:30 | double-bill


Born in Istanbul, Emine Bostancı is an award-winning classical Kemenche and Cretan Lyra artist, composer, and academic. Her passion for music has driven her to develop proficiency not only in instrumental performance but also in singing. Her project ‘Dareyn‘ merges the mystical sound of the kemenche, rooted in traditional music from Istanbul and the Silk Road, with the resonant tones of the cello in a contemporary approach.

With Dareyn, Emine Bostanci and Maya Fridman combine their vocal and instrumental talents to create a unique, enchanting soundscape. The repertoire is inspired by the beauty of modality, the dynamic character of bows, and the rich world of rhythms. Their music creates dialogues in which the existence of unspoken stories is present in the imagination of every listener.


  • Emine Bostancı (NL/TK) – kemenche & vocals
  • Miran Noh (KO) – piano
  • Maya Fridman (RU) – cello
This concert is a double-bill with Emine Bostanci: Echoes of the Silk Road.