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Family Concerts

30/06 | 15:00


Let Zuco 103 whisk you away on a relaxed, summer Sunday afternoon. Formed in 1989 through encounters at the Rotterdam Conservatory, this band is not easy to pigeonhole. ‘Zuco’ means cocktail in Brazilian. And that is exactly what Zuco 103 does: the band understands the art of creating an exciting mix. 

Singer Lilian Vieira’s voice is as sunny as Brazil, her birthplace, infusing the band’s sound with South American flair. Yet, with members from the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond, the band has pioneered the exciting new ‘Brazilectro’ genre, combining elements of jazz, electronic and Brazilian music. From drum-‘n-bass to dub and afro, from Ethiopia to Cuba and West Africa, Zuco 103 draws inspiration from music from all over the world. 

For this special family edition, they’ll make sure that their musical ‘cocktail’ delights audiences young and old alike!


  • Lílian Vieira (BR) – vocals 
  • Stefan Kruger (GE) – drums
  • Stefan Schmid (NL) – keys
  • Alex Oele (NL) – bass guitar
  • Valentijn Bannier (NL) – guitar 
  • Yariv Vroom (NL) – percussion