Photo: Maarten Mooijman

10/7 | 15:00

BOI AKIH (family concert)

Storyteller is a story in colours and sounds, a story of a journey full of unexpected encounters. Boi Akih effortlessly weaves modern jazz and improvised music with folk traditions from all over the world. Acoustic sounds and electronic soundscapes merge with the versatile, warm voice of Monica Akihary, who sings in both English and Haruku, the language of her father’s island.


  • Monica Akihary – voice, bass kalimba, electronics
  • Niels Brouwer – guitar
  • Sekou Dioubate – kora
  • Dodó Kis – recorders


The Family Editions
In three concerts on Sunday afternoon, we want to give you the opportunity to bring your kids, their friends, grandparents, etc. of all ages. We strongly believe that we don’t need to compromise on the quality of the music presented as children have the sensitivity to appreciate all kinds of music. But of course, we have invited artists who are very open and used to the different dynamic that a young audience entails. The concerts are slightly shorter (one set of approx. 50-60 min) and more interactive. And you don’t need to use your children or grand kids as an excuse to come: even without children, you will still get to enjoy a real ‘On the Roof’ concert experience, just in a slightly different setting.