the artists 2021

2 July until 3 September


06 August | 20:00 & 21:45

Lau Noah

Lau Noah (1994) is a Catalan composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist based in New York City since 2014.  Her very poetic songs (usually in Spanish) breathe a beautiful melancholy. She has been praised by critics and distinguished musicians for the unique approach in which she accompanies her voice with ever surprising guitar countermelodies. In February 2019, Noah performed at Tiny Desk Concert, making her the first Catalan ever to perform in the prestigious series.

Billboard Magazine claimed that “Noah is enchanting music lovers one song at a time” (2019). Lau Noah was named “ musical discovery of the year” by Eurovision 2017´s winner Salvador Sobral. 

She has also scored numerous films that have earned international awards.


  • Lau Noah – guitar & vocals