Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

07/06 | 20:30


It is not an easy task for a European musician to be adopted by the birthplace of Latin American music. But for Latinos, there is no question: Maite Hontelé is one of their own, despite being born in Europe. This Dutch trumpeter, composer, and bandleader has five albums under her belt, along with two Latin Grammy Award nominations.

Since his debut album almost thirty years ago, Ramón Valle has been delighting crowds on international stages with his idiosyncratic cocktail of genres.  Following his classical training, Ramón pursued his passion for jazz music and relocated to Europe, where he has since built a solid career.

Now Maite and Ramón join forces for an intimate duo performance, drawing inspiration from Cuba, Colombia, and, of course, jazz. Get ready for a Dutch-Latino summit featuring a special encounter of two musicians at the top of their game. 


  • Maite Hontelé (NL) – trumpet
  • Ramón Valle (CU/NL) – piano