Saturday 17 June | 8.30 PM

With a voice as soft as it is smooth, Faraco’s melodies glide from samba to bossa nova, studded with inflections of jazz. Through his intimate words and rare poetic melancholy, Faraco has carved out a distinguished place for himself in the music world. Entirely lacking in cliché or affectation, his personal brand of Brazilian music is at once delicate and simple, primordial and refined, elegant and meticulous.

Márcio Faraco is a songwriter beyond the borders of styles yet clearly Brazilian. He integrates traditional rhythms like Xote, Baião or Afoxê just to support his main message: poetry! His debut album ‘Ciranda’ (2000), featuring Wagner Tiso and Chico Buarque, was an overnight succes and brought him to some of the world’s greatest stages. We are proud to present him in the Netherlands for the very first time!

Line-up: Márcio Faraco – vocals, guitar; Julio Gonçalves – percussion; Ricardo Feijao – bas; Douglas Marcolino – acordeon

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