Photo: Cacha Mundinho - Mohamed Massoud

29/7 | 20:30


Purchased tickets are valid for the whole evening.

The night of Folklore, blended in unexpected combinations and thereby creating new styles.


Greener Grass play with the idiom of Bluegrass Music, emphasizing the close harmony vocals. By adding advanced jazz harmonies and layers of sounds they navigate through dreamscapes


  • Sanne Huijbregts – Voice & Xylosynth
  • Julia Werner – Voice & Percussion
  • Vita Pagie – Voice & Percussion
  • Camiel Jansen – Bass, Mandoline & Voice



In the middle of the pandemic, Joana Almeida moved from Porto to Amsterdam with in her luggage beautiful songs in her mothertongue. The other members of Cacha Mundinho added their ‘spices’,derived from the worlds of Jazz, Oriental and Carnatic music and thereby created a new palette of sounds and textures. Joana Almeida is one of the ‘Jonge Maker’ (Young Creator) playing on our roof this year.


  • Joana Almeida- Voice & Guitar
  • Maripepa Contreras- Hobo & Duduk
  • Felix Hildenbrand- Bass
  • Sjahin During- Percussion


Young Creators

Each year, there’s a tremendous amount of talent graduating from Dutch conservatories or coming to Amsterdam from abroad. We have always been trying to make enough room for upcoming artists in our program. This year, we’d like to take it a step further: in collaboration with the Van Bijleveltstichting, we offer 3 chosen talents a sustainable boost for their career: in mentoring sessions with Tami Toledo Matuoka, they will get new insights in career planning, project management, PR and other skills that are essential to survive in the music business. Furthermore, Sophie Conin will produce a video profile that they can use to present themselves to other curators, journalists, fans etc