10 July |

Three very versatile musicians, connected through a longterm friendship. They have collaborated in many different occasions yet for the very first time as a trio in the middle of this Covid-pandemic with a camera team as the only audience. The energy was magical so it was an obvious choice to let the trio have their first official performance on our roof. Susana Raya’s voice, compositions and guitar playing are full of warmth, American jazz critic Ted Gioia refers to her as ’the Andalusian Eva Cassidy’ and ‘one of my favourite singers’. Besides being active mainly as a jazz guitarist, David Golek is collaborating with folklore and world music artists. His own groups include the highly praised quartet Tiltan and the David Golek Trio. Our host, Felix Hildenbrand, combines his jazz skills with the simplicity of Fado, giving every single bassnote a deeper meaning.