the artists 2021

2 July until 3 September


03 September | 20:00 & 21:45

Stan Vreeken

Stan Vreeken is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Amsterdam, known for his crafty lyrics and clever compositions. Often lighthearted and poignant – musically indebted to the likes of Paul Simon, Beck and Bill Withers – his songs are little universes on their own. 

Not only will Stan be touring Dutch theatre festival ‘De Parade’ this summer, where he is playing his own theatrical concert Lonesome George – about ‘Endlings’, the last known living individuals of species gone extinct. In October 2021 Stan will be releasing his first full length album – ‘Just Like That’ – a colourful pop/soul-album, with a cheerful nostalgia for the song-smiths, synth-pop and blue-eyed soul of the 70’s and 80s’


  • Stan Vreeken – guitar & vocals
  • Mats Voshol – drums
  • Dave Wismeijer – bass
  • Maarten Hogenhuis – saxophone & guitar