the artists 2021

2 July until 3 September


20 August | 20:00 & 21:45

Teis Semey Trio

With his trio Teis Semey is taking bold steps towards a concentrating of the energy  that we have learned to expect from him. With highly acclaimed drummer Sun-Mi Hong and  one of Europe’s most heralded bassists Jasper Høiby (Phronesis), Teis Semey Trio pushes the avant garde together with Scandinavian music and indie rock. In a celebration of interplay, the  Teis Semey Trio goes on musical adventures together, defying the norms to carve a new  sonic path out for the guitar trio. 

Teis Semey has performed at the Edison Jazz/World awards with Joshua Redman and the  New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, won the Princess Christina Jazz Concours and was featured  in the InJazz Next Generation line-up. He has two albums out as a leader: Where The Fence  is the Highest (2019, TRPTK) and Throw Stones (2020, Loumi Records). 


  • Teis Semey –  guitar
  • Sun-Mi Hong  – drums 
  • Jasper Høiby – bass