Originally from Wales, alto saxophonist and composer Alice Leggett has made her career in both London and Amsterdam, where she pursues her Masters at the Conservatorium. Alice Leggett Quintet combines Alice’s distinctive compositions with an array of improvisations from each band member. With representatives from no fewer than four different nationalities, the music is enriched by diverse perspectives, personal interpretations, and improvisational voices. This collaborative approach results in a dynamic and continuously evolving sound that highlights the ensemble’s individuality and collective synergy.

About The Young Creators Program

Alice Leggett is one of the four talents participating in our Young Creators program in 2024. In this program, we collaborate with four emerging, talented musicians to provide them with a sustainable career boost. On the Roof also supports these artists by filming their concerts and producing short video portraits they can use as an introduction to the public and other promotional purposes. Additionally, they are featured as our guests at On the Roof, presenting their music to a new audience.

The young creator program is made possible by the Van Bijleveltstichting.