HoogtIJ Amsterdam
Johan van Hasseltweg 39
1021KN Amsterdam-Noord

How to get there

From Central Station
* Take the ferry behind CS ("IJ-plein" or " Buiksloterweg").
Once on the other side, it's a 10 minutes bike ride.

* Metro Amsterdam-Noord bound. Get off at stop "Noorderpark" and walk to On the Roof in 10 minutes. The metro will be starting to go to Noord starting July 22nd.

​* Bus 32 (Buikslotermeerplein) and 33 (Nieuwendam) go directly to J.v. Hasseltweg.
From the bus stop you have to walk for about 5 minutes.

From the highway (A10)
​Take exit s116 towards "Centrum".
After that, take s118 and turn left onto the J.v. Hasseltweg.
Cross the roundabout and you're there!

Did you know...

* Bus 32 and 33 are running until late and so is the ferry to and from "Buiksloterweg"?

* There's free parking just in front of the venue on the J.v. Hasseltweg?
Parking is free from 7pm at night. Before 7pm, you have to pay.

* Check out the new ferry from Azartplein (KNSM) - it docks at 100 meters from the venue!


EBF Productions
Sijsjesstraat 37
1021 CV Amsterdam
e-mail: elbajofeliz[at]

Frequently asked questions

Q:Is the roof covered or is it really ‘under the stars’?
A: It's really under the stars in an atrium that we can cover in case of rain.

Q: Does the concert take place in case of rain?
A: Yes, as we can cover the open space above your heads. In case of a thunderstorm we'll have to cancel but you will be notified.

Q: Is there free parking in the area?
A: Yes, you can park freely in the whole street.

Q: Does the ferry run 24/7?
A: The ferry from Buiksloterweg does go all night long, the one from IJ-Plein stops around 12AM and the ferry to Azartplein ends at 11PM.

Q:Can i pay with credit card?
A: No, you can pay with PIN but it doesn't work tremendously well. The safest option is to bring cash.

Q: Can i pay with PIN?
A: Yes,of course you can!

Thank You

To all contributors of On the Roof, big or small.

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